Edgar Wright

Hot Fuzz director and dedicated cinemagoer Edgar Wright has called for more people working within the UK and US industry to see films with a paying audience.

“I know it sounds like stating the obvious but an important thing for somebody in the film industry to do is to buy a ticket and go and see something with an opening night crowd,” said Wright.

The director was delivering the keynote address to an audience of exhibitors at the UK Cinema Association (UKCA) conference, titled ‘Audiences – growing the big screen experience’, at London’s Picturehouse Central today (Mar 3).

Wright, who still goes to the cinema at least once a week, added: “With most of the films I have made, I am always trying to recreate the experience of seeing my favourite movies on a Friday night, opening weekend.”

Listing the many cinema venues he attends, Wright said he was flattered by a recent twitter post which said: “if you go…