AMC Theaters

As theatres remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic, AMC Theatres said on Wednesday (25) it was furloughing all corporate staff including CEO Adam Aron.

No corporate employee is being laid off and they will keep all health benefits but will work reduced hours at reduced pay, or no hours at no pay “for the hopefully short period of time when AMC’s theatres are all closed.”

Last week, AMC announced it was closing its 661 US theatres, which meant all 1,000 AMC and Odeon theatres around the world are closed temporarily during the pandemic.

The statement appears below:

Last week, AMC announced that because of the coronavirus outbreak we were closing all of our more than 600 U.S. theatres, which means that all 1000 AMC and Odeon theatres around the world are now closed, and will be closed for the immediate future.

This leaves AMC with no revenue, and substantial fixed costs that continue. At this time, AMC is not…