“Brrrrmmmmm, here comes the spaceship”, reads the opening line to a review of Boy Harsher’s 2019 Careful LP, with the author further joking that this “flying object’s crew either came here from 1983 – or straight from the sex club”. But as I confront Jae Matthews (one half of the Massachusetts-based electronic ensemble) with these and other descriptions of her band’s sound, adjectives like “dystopian”, “otherworldly”, “futuristic”, she hesitates. “I don’t know if I’m into that. To me, our music will forever make me feel the same thing. It’s that feeling you get when driving at night time.”

Originally hailing from the Peach State that is Georgia, Jae and Augustus “Gus” Muller met while both studying film at Savannah’s prestigious College of Art & Design, before beginning to craft sensual, blood-pumping music, a stimulating…