To celebrate the prematurely axed sci-fi extravaganza, here are some of the craziest'Timeless' theories we’ve managed to dig up for you #Clockblockers.

Time-travel films and series naturally gravitate towards wild speculation and off-the-wall theories. That’s no surprise given science fiction’s historical obsession with time travel ever since H.G. Wells’s exploration of a bleak future teeming with nocturnal nasties.

Since the 1800s, sci-fi writers have been exploring every corner of possibility a time-hopping, dimension-melting narrative has to offer. From surprising family trees to desolate wastelands revealed as earth the whole time, nothing gets a fandom’s wires crossed like a good old-fashioned time machine.



Timeless is no exception. Following the traditions of Doctor Who and Quantum Leap but packing in a little bit more oomph, the show features a gang of historical adventurers who travel through the centuries to keep the present from falling to pieces.

The series was…



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