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“This Thanksgiving (and probably every Thanksgiving since 2004), Courteney Cox is thankful for her mini-me daughter Coco Arquette. On Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, Cox posted a selfie of herself and Coco to her Instagram, and we’re thankful that the genetics in the Cox-Arquette family run deep. Coco seriously looks like a mini Monica from Friends.

Coco, now 15 years old, is Cox’s only child, whom she had with actor David Arquette. We don’t get Coco pics on Cox’s feed often, so every time she pops up, we’re reminded of how much she looks like her mom. In fact, Coco is pretty much a perfect mash-up of her mother and her father.

“So thankful!!!” Cox captioned her November 28th post. And Kaley Cuoco commented what we’re all thinking: “Twins.”” Said, Yahoo.

So thankful!!!

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Sure, she looks a bit like Monica Geller, that’s how it goes. Kids be looking like their parents! What a crazy concept! Except, no. She doesn’t look like her twin.

The Internet is getting this wrong. You wanna know why? Here is the reason!

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Do you see it?? She looks just like her aunt, Patricia Arquette!

You are welcome.

Now back to Baby Yoda memes.

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