Family dynamics are really difficult to manage, especially when one of the people involved is no longer around to help mediate. In this story from r/AmItheA**hole u/MadeHerRepayTheDress, one of the main characters is no longer alive to try and heal a rift, but the OP is trying their best. There have just been some stumbling blocks.

He says he’s divorced and has a 16-year-old daughter, but he and his ex get along as co-parents. “One big rule we share is if our daughter breaks something, she pays for it,” he writes.

Well, his sister is getting married. His grandparents worked in a seamstry store until they retired. After the sister’s girlfriend proposed, the grandfather offered to make the fiancée a custom suit. Grandma then wanted to get in on the action and do something very special for her granddaughter. The OP says that their grandmother asked him to secretly record his sister describing her dream dress and then lo and behold, grandma made it!

“It fit perfectly and…

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