At the tender age of 14, most of us try and maintain a low profile. Not a child, not yet an adult, anything that risks jeopardising the aspired “ordinary” state of being feels threatening and downright unjust. But for Dani Coyle, early teendom was more confusing than for most. Finding out that she was intersex left her confused, and ashamed, and the young adolescent insisted on secrecy, confiding only over time in her closest friends and family members. It wasn’t until publicly coming out in time for last year’s Pride Month, that the now-24-year old fully came into her own, redefining for herself not only what it means to be intersex, but what it means to be a non-binary individual in an allegedly binary world.

Born and raised in the English small-town of Swindon, educated at Kingston University London, the trained graphic designer has since relocated to Berlin, a…