Cesar Awards

The entire governing board of France’s Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, which organises the country’s César awards, resigned on Thursday evening (Feb 13) following weeks of criticism about the way the body is run.

“To honour those who made films in 2019, and to re-establish some calm and ensure that party for cinema remains a party, the board of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC) has taken the unanimous decision to resign,” the board announced in a statement put out by the César Academy on Thursday. 

The APC is a not-for-profit body created in 1974 by Georges Cravenne, the late producer who created the César Awards, to oversee the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, which is also known as the César Academy. 

Its board, which is also called the association bureau, comprised long-time César Academy president Alain Terzian, director Danièle Thompson, journalist and filmmaker Philippe…