In the foreword to an interview with one of the city’s most subversive music collectives, Monopol columnist Anna Gien wrote that Frankfurt “is the city in which I want to be fucked by money. Not metaphorically, but penetrated by fountains of gold coins”. Germany’s Frankfurt am Main—as is its official title—dates back to when Romans roamed the continent, and is known for many things: Its Airport is ginormous, its skyline and financial district earned it the ‘Mainhattan’- and ‘Bankfurt’-monickers, and its cost-of-living places it amongst the most expensive regions in the world.

Often reduced to its hyper-capitalist image—being one of the globe’s most vital economic epicentres—the lives and works of there-based artists frequently fly just beneath the radar of mainstream attention. While it is home to renowned institutions such as the Städel Museum and…



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