In the back of my bathroom cabinet, behind two almost-empty cans of dry shampoo and the curling tong I use once every couple of months, there’s a bundle of sheet masks that I’ve been “saving” for “something special.” These are the masks I’ve been holding onto for long flights, the morning of friends’ weddings, and the rare Sunday night when I feel the need to lean into a particular aesthetic of “self-care.” However, staying home for the indefinite future has made me realize that the time to use the things I’ve been saving for the right time is actually right now. I may not be prepping my skin for a special occasion, but I am feeling a need to find little things to look forward to each day and, yes, I’m finding that face masks totally count.

In the name of finding tiny things that make you feel good, Team MR tested four face masks we had on hand, so you know…