Disney’s Frozen 2 has got off to a flying start on $18.6m from its first 26 markets, opening number one everywhere and setting multiple opening day records in South Korea, France and Germany, among others.

The running total climbs to $27.1m worldwide including $8.5m Thursday previews in North America, and grows to $38.5m if early reads of an $11.4m Friday opening day in China are borne out.

The sequel to the 2013 phenomenon opened in its first markets on Wednesday and has just set all-time animation opening day records in South Korea on $4.2m, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Frozen 2 also established a new Disney Animation opening day mark in France on $2.6m and stands at $3m, the third highest animation opening day in Germany, on $1.9m and stands at $3m, and third highest animation opening day marks as well in Netherlands, Singapore, and Thailand, and the second highest animation opening…



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