Here’s What I Imagine Animals Do When We Aren’t Looking (30 Pics)

Here's What I Imagine Animals Do When We Aren't Looking (30 Pics)

My name is Julien Tabet, and I spent 3 years trying to imagine how different and funny life could be in the animal kingdom. I like to think that animals behave the way I describe them when we aren’t looking.

I never imagined doing such a series of images. Still, in October 2017, when I posted one of my first photo manipulations of a cat under the sea (Hidden) on Instagram, and it went viral, people asked me to explore this idea with other animals. So that’s what I did, and here’s the result.

All my artworks are made with Photoshop, which I believe is one of our generation’s most powerful creative tools. Inspired by the greatest, such as Magritte or Dali, I have always loved the artistic movement of surrealism, and it was the best way to share my ideas through my art.

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Here’s What I Imagine Animals Do When We Aren’t Looking (30 Pics)

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