Kids Control an Alien Overlord in Wacky Trailer for ‘Psycho Goreman’

March 9, 2020
Source: YouTube

Psycho Goreman Trailer

“He’s gunna kill everybody if we take him anywhere!” “Not unless I tell him to.” What happens when you accidentally summon an ancient alien overlord? You trick it into doing your bidding, of course! There’s a teaser trailer for a wacky new film titled Psycho Goreman that we have to share with everyone. This is the latest film from Canadian filmmaker / SFX artist Steven Kostanski (who most recently made The Void) and it was originally set to premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this month (which is no longer happening). PG, or Psycho Goreman, is about two kids who, using a magical amulet, force the monster to obey their childish whims, and accidentally attract a rogues’ gallery of intergalactic assassins to small-town suburbia. Starring Nita-Josée Hanna, Owen Myre, Adam Brooks, Alexis…