Meet an Unconventional Vet in Trailer for Documentary ‘The Dog Doc’

February 14, 2020
Source: YouTube

The Dog Doc Trailer

“They want to know how you made this dog better.” FilmRise has debuted the full trailer for a fascinating documentary titled The Dog Doc, a new doc from producer / filmmaker Cindy Meehl. Called a maverick, a miracle-worker, and a quack, Dr. Marty Goldstein is a pioneer of “integrative veterinary medicine.” By holistically treating animals after other vets have given up, Goldstein provides a last hope for pet owners with nothing left to lose. This film introduces us to Dr. Goldstein, and his unconventional methods, which may sound a bit ridiculous but they also may work. “By casting an intimate lens over this unique world, The Dog Doc shows the healing powers of wellness, compassion and hope.” And for those concerned, the trailer has a clip where he explains: “Most of the animals have…