Official Trailer for Indie ‘International Falls’ Featuring Rachael Harris

March 18, 2020
Source: YouTube

International Falls Trailer

“If you want to get to my level, you just get nice and mediocre.” Gravitas Ventures has unveiled an official trailer for an indie small town dramedy titled International Falls, the latest film from up-and-coming filmmaker Amber McGinnis (also of The Company We Keep). This premiered at the Atlanta Film & Video Festival, along with the Seattle & Nashville Film Festivals last year. A woman stuck in a small, snowbound border town has dreams of doing comedy when she meets a washed up, burned out comedian with dreams of doing anything else. One review states, “International Falls has a similar feel to Fargo… It will leave you feeling both sad and supremely satisfied.” Starring real-life comedian / actress Rachael Harris, with Rob Huebel, Mindy Sterling, Erik Griffin, Matthew Glave, &…