Intolerance in adult entertainment has gone largely unnoticed for many years. Speaking openly is a major step towards exposing porn’s dirtiest secret.

Hit up any major porn website and one of the front page categories you’ll find is “interracial”. While many argue the description’s legitimacy as a fetish, the fact that white women sleeping with black men or vice versa is still a considered a sexual taboo is indicative of a wider issue facing the adult movie industry today.

The subgenre is shockingly considered an “extreme act” and although some might consider “interracial” an innocent category in a not-so innocent industry, it reflects an old attitude society is unwilling to let go of: that a person’s ethnicity can by itself make the act of sex forbidden.

But it’s not just with regards to black men sleeping with white women where this issue is present – Nadia Ali, known in the biz as the “Muslim Porn Star”, made a name for herself by performing sex acts…



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