New recipes and food trends are constantly going viral on TikTok. Pancake cereal is the latest recipe to circulate on TikTok’s “for you page”, and viewers can’t stop making it.

Pancake cereal just involves making miniature, bite-size pancakes that can be eaten with a spoon like cereal. Most TikTokers used a piping bag (a ziplock bag works too) or a squeeze bottle to get the perfectly sized pancakes. TikTokers enjoyed pancake cereal plain, and mixed it up with blueberries and chocolate chips. Pancake cereal can be eaten with milk like regular cereal, topped with maple syrup and butter, or mixed with other toppings. Some TikTokers mixed in candy and cookies.

Because the pancakes are so small, they don’t even need to be flipped. It’s an easy recipe anyone can make, which might be why it’s gotten so popular.

@urmomaaashleykTHE SOUND OF THE MINI PANCAKES COMING OFF THE PAN 💍🥞 ##pancake ##cereal♬ original sound – koochey

Pancake Cereal Is The Latest Recipe To Go Viral On TikTok

“Pancake cereal” is the latest food to take over TikTok. People are currently going wild for tiny pancakes and sharing recipes on the platform.