Welcome to the Annual Man Repeller Gift Guide! As you may know, we love throwing a theme party that moonlights as gift-giving advice around here, and this year’s theme is “horoscopes.” It’s a timely celebration of the 2010s’ primary source of digital catnip as this decade come to a close, but also an excuse to create TWELVE highly personalized gift vignettes for your shopping pleasure.

We’re breaking them up over the course of four days, which started with fire signs yesterday, moves to earth signs today, and tackles water and air signs after that–so be sure to keep checking back for more treats. (Think of it like an advent calendar, except you get to eat multiple chocolates at once.) Now, without further ado, I’ll hand the mic over to astrological aficionado Sarah Panlibuton Barnes who is far more qualified to wax poetic on the stars and their plans for your…



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