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UK cinema admissions and box office recovered from a slow start to record a strong final total for 2019, although total cinema-going and revenue fell slightly year-on-year, a trend which may continue into 2020 with less surefire hits due for release. 

According to the UK’s cross-industry body Cinema First, which represents both the UK Cinema Association and the Film Distributors’ Asociation, total cinema admissions in 2019 passed 176 million, a 0.5% decrease on 2018’s 177 million. That number had been the highest since the 193 million in 1970 and makes 2019 the second biggest year by admissions for 49 years.

Box office revenue was also down slightly in 2019 from £1.277 billion in 2018 to £1.251 billion, a 2% decrease. This is still up by 26.6% on the £988 million of 2010.

Three Disney titles led the way in 2019: Avengers: Endgame with £88.6m, The Lion King with £76m, and Toy Story 4 with £66m.

Warner Bros’…