The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has weighed in on the long-running dispute between the Writers Guild of America and the talent agencies, arguing that the Guild is not exempt from antitrust law.

The DoJ filed a legal brief on Tuesday (26) as a judge prepares to rule on a motion brought by the Guild in October to throw out a case by WME, CAA and UTA arguing “group boycott”.

The agencies claim the WGA behaved illegally when it urged members last spring to fire their agents aas a strategy to force agencies to end the practices of packaging fees and affiliated production entities. The Guild claims it is exempt from antitrust law because it is a union.

In its brief, the DoJ wrote: “The Writers Guild’s motion to dismiss is premised on the notion that as a legitimate union its judgment about what is best for its members cannot be ‘second-guess[ed]’ by this Court. Application of the labor exemptions here, however, is…



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