Watch: Riz Ahmed’s Short ‘The Long Goodbye’ Directed by Aneil Karia

March 6, 2020
Source: YouTube

The Long Goodbye Short Film

“Did they ask you where you’re from…? Where’re you really from?” Oh, damn. British actor / musician Riz Ahmed has released a short film titled The Long Goodbye, which was created as a creative project that goes hand-in-hand with his new album (also titled “The Long Goodbye“). The intense short film starts out rather lovely, showing Riz with his family, but it turns into something much more sinister and frightening halfway through. Ahmed explains that he created this album and this short, made by director Aneil Karia, because he’s breaking up with the UK. “The record is a breakup album – but with your country. So many of us feel like we’re being dumped by the place we call home, a home that we built.” And the short film, “takes this feeling to its conclusion.” Yes it most certainly does….