Watch: Wacky Animated Short Film ‘Mushroom Park’ from Tim Rauch

January 14, 2020
Source: YouTube

Mushroom Park Short Film

“Izzy was a good frog!” Who doesn’t love wacky animation? Mushroom Park is an animated short film by Tim Rauch, one half of the animation duo Rauch Brothers. Two friends locked in a love-hate relationship bury a dead frog as rain beings to fall. They make a fateful decision to wait out the storm under a tree and wake up in a world quite unlike the one they left behind. Rauch reveals his inspiration: “We all screw up from time to time and need a second chance – because life is short and love is all we have.” Featuring the voices of Betsy Sodaro and Shondalia White. This has a distinct “Ren & Stimpy” / “Looney Tunes” style, which isn’t so common anymore making it exciting to see. It’s such a unique short, entirely worth your time.

Thanks to Short of the Week for the tip on this. Original…