Leah Remini teased fans in a new Instagram post about the possibility of a new project, a podcast hosted along with her Scientology and the Aftermath co-star Mike Rinder. The former King of Queens star asked her fans if they would be interested in the duo coming together to create this type of entertainment project and fans responded in the affirmative, thrilled the longtime friends would work together once again.

In the caption, Leah asked her fans if they would be interested in the twosome creating new content for a potential future podcast. She did not explain what the broadcast would feature, but it appears fans would like the twosome to continue their work exposing what they feel are the unfair practices of the Church of Scientology.

The twosome worked tirelessly to shed a light on the practices and policies of the religious organization throughout the three seasons of Scientology and the Aftermath that aired on the A&E network. Throughout the…

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