Review: J’Moris – Off the Porch

Review: J’Moris – Off the Porch 6

With the authenticity of Texas hip hop hero Fat Tony, Hillsboro native J’Moris makes the kind of music most rappers wish they could.

“Everybody want their shot but they never hit the gym.”

Easy as pie simplicity over tales of personal significance, the latest J’Moris single showcases a beat as catchy as his guttural cadence. Listen to “Off The Porch” for yourself below.

“Off the Porch means I’m not dependent on my parents. I’m out of the house and in the streets grinding. Basically, you put in work and didn’t wait for handouts. Since you’re in the streets grinding and putting in work, you’ve “jumped off the porch.”

There is purpose behind this single, something that a lot of modern hip hop lacks beyond a “let’s get fucked up and make a lot of money” mentality. This guy has no filter… where most rappers are beyond particular about their ego and self-image, the video showcases J’Moris on his porch next to some Spiderman and Elsa lawn chairs. That’s a type of cool hip hop needs more off.

And speaking of that, the only gripe I have with this song is that it is so short. At three and a half minutes, the track flies by, mostly due to a strong narrative atop bars on bars.

J’Moris has released 5 EP’s, 3 singles, and full-length album, Blac February (released Feb 7,2020), an autobiographical 15-track project. Give him a listen.

Review: J’Moris – Off the Porch

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