Review: Shihori – Perfect Imperfection

Review: Shihori – Perfect Imperfection 5

“I got stuck in the memories, I fear I fear to get out.”

Shihori’s latest single is a powerful one. Listen to it below for yourself.

Shiori Nakane’s music is original, especially her lyrical work here on this track. The word choices in this song are great, as well as her consistence to feign away from sounding like other artists. She makes her own voice (and message) much more unique by straining it at points when she sings, and on top of her own life experiences, this song has a powerful message of hope for listeners. No matter who you are.

I lived in my own imagination world,” says Shihori, “I didn’t hear anything, I just created. I had no friends, but I didn’t even notice. People thought I was ignoring them many times but I just didn’t hear them, especially from my left side, and my right ear was for my imagination…everything sounds like music to me.”

Having been born with deafness in her left ear, Asperger’s syndrome and a form of dwarfism, many might have said the odds were stacked against her… but the fact of the matter is she trudged through her own perils and continues to sing her heart out.

Which is a big reason why, by the end of the song, Shihori delivers her highest of imperfections with fantastic success. Her vocals often strain at points, containing an authenticity few mainstream artists care to let loose. In the final minute, Perfect Imperfections hits a high note of dynamic talent, with Shihori’s vocals blaring like fireworks in an afternoon sky.

I highly suggest you check out her work as well as this video detailing her entire story as a musical artist.

Review: Shihori – Perfect Imperfection

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