If you ever find yourself hungry, (I know I do, like, all the time!) then you must stop by Tabaré, an Uruguayan restaurant with really delicious food that is not going to break the bank.

Believe me, this is a rare case in North Brooklyn. Specifically, in Williamsburg. I have walked by this place a ton of times coming from Pies & Thighs, so I wasn’t exactly looking for anything to eat.

My bad, Tabaré! I should have come here ages ago!

The menu is very eclectic and meat-based (sorry vegan/vegetarians), but don’t worry! Our vegan/vegetarian/gluten free friends have plenty of options in North Brooklyn!

I’ll let them tell you like it is:

Traditional Uruguayan cuisine is based on its indigenous and strong European roots. Most Uruguayans are descended from colonial-era settlers and immigrants from Europe. The majority of these immigrants were mainly Spanish followed closely by Italians, including numbers of French, Germans, Portuguese and British.

Beef is considered the main staple of Uruguayan fare, although other meats such as lamb and chicken are consumed in sparse amounts. As a result of the Italian immigration in the late 1800s and early 1900s, pasta is considered a national Uruguayan food. Uruguayans also love their breads, sausages, soups, and stews. And, not to be forgotten are the variety of sweets, especially dulce de leche, a milk-based caramel “piece of heaven.”

This was my dinner:

  • Chorizo Adobado (Uruguayan sausage, roasted onions, red peppers, adobo sauce) lightly flavored and not super spicy!
  • Churrasco (Skirt steak 10 oz. (local, pasture-raised, hormone-free, all-natural prime beef) chimichurri, duck fat potatoes, green salad. I asked for a medium-well steak (I know, I know) and it was still juicy and delicious.
  • Special of the Day: Gnocchi with a pesto based mushroom sauce that was really on point.
  • Lime caipirinha (I asked to sub Leblon for Yaguara) and it was a mean mix!

Try the empanadas or the alfajor or the flan or the… I didn’t do it this time, but I’m sure I will soon!


(347) 335-0187